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EDitor is an integrated web application developed by European DataWarehouse for the seamless analysis and upload of loan-level data (LLD). It allows issuers to pre-screen and analyse LLD files and upload them directly to European DataWarehouse.


European DataWarehouse (ED) has options for seamless data integration, including an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Secure FTP (SFTP) option.

Our API and SFTP services allow originators, data sponsors and SSPEs to seamlessly integrate their processes into the ED database.

Data Toolkit

European DataWarehouse’s (ED) Data Toolkit is a free desktop software application that supports the preparation and submission of ABS loan-level data in compliance with the ECB eligibility criteria requirements.

Latest Research Articles

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Gap Analysis Version 3.1

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IRPH Index: Insight from European DataWarehouse

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Italian SME Index

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ECB: The Impact of Lending Standards on Default Rates of Residential Real Estate Loans

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Bank of Spain: Beyond the LTV Ratio-New Macroprudential Lessons from Spain

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Framing Bias in Mortgage Refinancing Decisions and Monetary Policy Pass-Through

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Data Availability Report (PDF)

Our database hosts the loan-level data (LLD) of all public deals used for ECB repo collateral, as well as data for private securitisations. The following report describes the evolution of our data availability for public active securitisations from Q4 2013 to Q1 2019.

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Explanatory Report |


Data Availability Report / 2019 – Q1 (Excel)

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ABS SME Data: The Big Picture

In this report, we provide a general overview of the SME data available in our database, which includes the loan
level data (LLD) of all the public securitisations used for ECB repo collateral from 2013-Q3 to 2018-Q4. Accompanying Excel files are available for purchase.

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